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          Sea Freight

We offer full container loads 

(FCL) and less than container

loads (LCL) worldwide door-to-door, seaport to seaport or any other combination. 

If the cargo is not suitable to

be shipped in a container (non-containerised) we will  handle it

as a Break Bulk (BB) shipment.


                 Rail Freight 

We offer Rail Freight from and to China as LCL (less than container load or FCL (full container load). Transit time between China and UK is approximately 20 days.


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               Air Freight

Air freight is offered based

on Priority Cargo (1-2 days)

or Economy Cargo (3-7 days).

We also offer part loads and

full charter loads.


          Road Freight 

Road Freight services covers groupage shipments (LTL), part loads (PTL) and full trailer loads (FTL) from and to Europe. 

Loading cargo on the plane in airport, v

                 Project Cargo

Our team is specialised in project shipping and oversized & heavy cargo transports.

We have cargo handling knowledge in Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Chemical, Construction, Mining, Marine, and Paper & Pulp industry.


We handle projects of all sizes.

To discuss more please contact: 

Whether you are experienced exporter/importer or new to the business we will help you to find the most sufficient shipping method for your needs and we will also help you with the documents. 

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